New Year, New Projects… New Intern!


With the start of 2014 comes another year of projects and new discoveries in the archives of the Jimmy Carter Library… As such, the Library would like to take the opportunity to feature one of its newest volunteers/interns who is helping us kick off another year of projects behind-the-scenes in the archives.

The goal of the internship program at the Carter Library is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a meaningful and realistic work experience. Opportunities exist for students in a variety of disciplines, such as library & information science, political science, museum studies, and education. Our current featured intern is Amber Seale, whom we’ve invited to share a little bit about herself and her current project(s) at the Library.


“As a volunteer and soon to be intern at the Carter Library, I have had the opportunity to work on the personal collection of David Rubenstein, Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Staff [during President Carter’s Administration.] To date, I have been assisting in arranging boxes of documents by subject matter. It has been very interesting to work with documents that are as old I am!

My internship officially starts in another week. I am excited to continue working on the Rubenstein collection and also working in other areas of the library as well. This hands-on experience works in conjunction with one of my classes this semester, which pertains to the administration and use of archival materials. My internship will benefit me greatly while I continue to work on my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois.”

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