Archives Month 2013

Congress has restored funding of appropriated activities and the National Archives has resumed normal operations. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum has re-opened to the public and is operating under its normal business hours.

In addition to being open again, the Carter Library thinks that October gives us plenty of other reasons to celebrate. For starters, we would like to celebrate the fact that The Carter Chronicle blog has been active for over a year now! It’s been a fun experience and we hope to continue it.

An even better reason to celebrate is that October is American Archives Month! In a recent blog post from the Archivist of the United States, it was stated that American Archives Month serves as “…a time to raise awareness about the value of archives and archivists and to celebrate that work.”


For example, the archival records of the Carter Library offer insight into the Administration of President Carter. United States domestic and foreign policy issues (1977-1981) are the primary topics of the Library’s archival collections. Many aspects of American society, business, and culture are also represented in the records. Information on conducting research at the Library can be found online.

October is also Georgia Archives Month and it is the month in which Jimmy Carter, our 39th President of the United States, was born in Plains, Georgia.

Plains High School Graduating Class of 1941 (with Jimmy Carter as high school student) (National Archives Identifier: 6340629)

Plains High School Graduating Class of 1941 (with Jimmy Carter as high school student, front row, far right) (National Archives Identifier: 6340629)

“[Georgia] Archives Month is a way to celebrate the value of Georgia’s historical records, publicize the many ways historical records enrich our lives, and recognize those who maintain our communities’ historical records.” –GAM

We encourage each of you to celebrate archives in your communities and we invite you to share ways in which engaging with local history has had an impact on your lives by leaving a comment. Happy October!

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