Interns of Summer 2013

The goal of the internship program at the Carter Library is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a meaningful and realistic work experience. Opportunities exist for students in a variety of disciplines, such as library & information science, political science, museum studies, and education. The Library would like to take the opportunity to feature two of its interns for 2013.

20130930_Jonathan   20130930_Kate

Jonathan Salman:

“As an intern at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library I gained first-hand experience in archival work. I was able to see my work of processing a donated collection come into fruition. Moreover, this internship allowed me the opportunity to see the day to day operations of the Carter Library. This work enabled me to learn different aspects of both history and archiving. This fall I will move full-time to Atlanta and begin my studies at the Emory University School of Law.”

Kate Justement:

“While interning at the Jimmy Carter Library I gained immensely valuable experience working with archives. Throughout the summer I was able to work across the board in the audiovisual lab as well as with textual materials helping process different collections, update and create finding aids, and work with [the Archival Research Catalog.] One of my favorite tasks that I completed was fully processing a collection from Richard Morefield, one of the hostages during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. I am so thankful for the experience and skills I received from my internship, and I hope to continue pursuing a career with archives as I finish out my undergraduate and graduate degrees.”
As always, we’d like to thank our interns for the work that they do!
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