Does the Carter Library catch your Pinterest?

The National Archives would like to welcome you to one of its latest social media ventures. Presidential Libraries are now on Pinterest!

“Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to ‘pin’ images, videos, and other objects to their pinboards…” –Social Media and Digital Engagement at the National Archives

According to anĀ announcement that went out on the National Archives Facebook page yesterday, OurPresidents” on Pinterest is a space that allows you to follow the individual boards for “…iconic and unusual images of our last thirteen Presidents and First Ladies.” (Announcements also went out on OurPresidents Twitter and Tumblr–there are just so many ways to keep up with Presidential Libraries!)

Our Presidents on PinterestHere is a sampling of a few of the Carter-related images you’ll find on the boards:

Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford at the Carter Inauguration, 01/20/1977

Amy Carter and Jimmy Carter participate in a speed reading course at the White House, 02/22/1977

Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter and Amy Carter with Marcel Marceau, 06/16/1977

Jimmy Carter in the White House Library during a Televised Fireside Chat on Energy, 02/02/1977

We invite you to check out the various Carter-related boards! “Pin” content to your own boards for those of you on Pinterest, as well! Enjoy!


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