Admiral Hyman G. Rickover: It’s a Whale of a Tale

The NDC blog is a fellow National Archives blog focusing on the National Declassification Center. According to the NDC Blog, the mission of the NDC is “…to align people, processes, and technologies to advance the declassification and public release of historically valuable permanent records while maintaining national security.”

Well, it appears that, in the process of reviewing items for possible declassification, sometimes staff discover unique, unclassified materials, such as this document (PDF) highlighted in the recent NDC post on “Rickover and the Whale.”

The “H. G. Rickover” in the document refers to Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. In TIME magazine’s article, “The Unsinkable Hyman Rickover” (May 23, 1977), President Jimmy Carter is quoted as saying that Admiral Rickover “…has had a ‘profound effect on my life, perhaps more than anyone else except my own parents.'”

“As a young naval officer back in the early 1950’s, I think 1952, I was in the nuclear propulsion program, working under Admiral Hyman Rickover. There were two submarines being built—the U.S.S. Nautilus, the U.S.S. Sea Wolf. I was the senior officer of the U.S.S. Sea Wolf, and I was sent over here from Schenectady, New York, to witness the laying of the keel of the Nautilus…” –Remarks made by President Carter in Hartford, Connecticut at a meeting with state, local, and community officials on October 16, 1980. (The American Presidency Project)

Researchers interested in Admiral Rickover are invited to explore the National Archives’ Online Public Access portal, where we hope that you will dive in to find a wide scope of topics and a great depth of information on historical records within our holdings.

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