Mrs. Carter Stops By To See ERA Scarf

Today’s post comes to us from guest blogger Tony Clark, Public Affairs Director for the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum.

Mrs. Carter holds up one of the three ERA scarves in our collection made by Rita Pynoos. In the case behind her is a red ERA scarf.

One of the things that is really nice for staff and visitors alike at the Carter Presidential Museum is the frequency with which President and Mrs. Carter stop by the museum. It’s not unusual for visitors to see the Carters walking through the museum or getting a bite to eat in the Copenhill Café during one of their monthly visits to the Presidential Center.

Last week, Mrs. Carter stopped by to look at an ERA scarf that is on display in the museum. The silk scarf is one of three made for her in 1978 by Equal Rights Amendment activist and philanthropist Rita Pynoos.

Ms. Pynoos’ son, Robert, attended a recent meeting of Mrs. Carter’s Mental Health Fellows at the Carter Museum. He is psychiatry professor and directs the Trauma Psychiatry Service at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. When Dr. Pynoos saw one of the ERA scarves in our museum he called his mother and asked if that was one of the scarves she made for Mrs. Carter. It was.

Dr. Pynoos was so pleased to see his mom’s work displayed in the Carter Museum.

One other bit of trivia. Dr. Pynoos’ father, Morris, was the inventor of the nail gun which was used to build Howard Hughes’ airplane, The Spruce Goose.

Now you see why it’s always fun to work at or visit the Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

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    see a photo of Mrs. Carter holding up a Women on the Move tee shirt at the White House ceremony to submit the report of the First National Women’s Conference, Houston 1977, to the President ,at


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